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Welcome to the Sunset Garden Hotel. If you are thinking hey I know that hotel Believe it or not The Sunset Garden Hotel is one of the oldest in Angeles and from day one it has been serving great food which has been enjoyed by literally generations of customers.

In fact during it’s thirty plus years of operation they have always placed an emphasis on good food being produced in their small yet very functional kitchen. The owners are Swiss and for them having a kitchen which produces good food is of paramount importance and this is clearly obvious from their extensive menu which includes dishes such as pork chops, pizzas and sandwiches through to more exotic dishes



Address: Malabanias Rd, Clarkview, Angeles City
Phone #: (63) 045-888-2312
(63) 045-322-3016
(63) 045-322-2714
Fax #: (63) 045-888-2310


The exotic dishes include rabbit in a white wine sauce, chicken in red wine sauce and even fresh mussels cooked Italian style.

One thing I really like about this restaurant is the fact that they try to do daily specials and they change these on a regular basis. Currently they have employed a new chef who is the process of reorganizing the menu. Chef Klause is a firm believer in variety and when he is finished rearranging the menu it will reflect a different specialty every night.

The night we dined there the specialty was rabbit cooked Italian style with white wine sauce.
Rabbit Italian Style

Chicken Red Wine

Pork Chop

Dinning Area

On Friday nights they will be presenting what they call a Western Night which will feature spare ribs, steaks and some seafood, then on Saturday and Sundays they currently have a range of seafood dishes from grilled lapy-lapu and tiger prawns through to mussels cooked Italian style in a white wine sauce and grilled tuna steak.

The Sunset Garden Restaurant is large and can accommodate up to 60 people at any time. It is an open air restaurant which features mostly 4 person dinning tables and a couple of larger tables which seat 6 to 8 people. There is also approximately 25 stools around the wet bar area which is a popular part of the restaurant, where expats and tourists alike, often congregate to enjoy a cooling beverage and a quick snack

One major attraction of this restaurant is that it is right besides the famous Sunset Garden swimming pool and there is certainly something to be said for enjoying a good meal while sitting by the sparkling blue waters of the Sunset Garden pool.

When we dined there I chose the Rabbit simply because I had only eaten rabbit once before in my life and was genuinely interested to see what it tasted like. This was in some ways adventurous of me but I am glad I took the risk because the rabbit was absolutely delicious. The rabbit is tender and literally falls off the bone into the palenta white wine sauce and the slight gaminess of the rabbit is brilliantly juxtaposed with the white wine sauce. A real surprise with this dish was the potato croquettes which accompanied the rabbit. This was creamy mashed potato in a deep fried batter, and I found them truly delicious.

Not being the adventurous type Shagger asked what was the most popular dish and was informed that it was the Pork Fillet Madagascar. This sounded nice and safe to Shagger and upon finishing it he declared this as, "possibly the best meal" he had ever had in the Philippines. When I heard Shagger proclaiming how great his meal was I asked him why and he told me the pork chops were succulently soft and covered with a layer of grilled cheese and bread crumbs which was then covered in a rich green pepper sauce. The man is no fine dinning connoisseur but he knows what he likes and he was certainly mightily impressed with this dish.

Following in dads footsteps when it comes to food is young Phoenix, and playing it safe he ordered another recommended dish that of, chicken in red wine sauce. Phoenix assured me his dish was delicious and we all thought we were full until my expert eye discovered the apple pies.The apple pies were displayed in the fridge and looked great so I just had to try one.

Having the apple pie was probably the best decision I have made this year. It was absolutely fantastic and if you are a fan of good apple pie then I recommend you try those served here.

In this restaurant the menu is expansive and it reflects the different influences that are incorporated in this restaurant. For example in their sandwich selection they have the classic European sandwich composed of smoked ham and cheese through to the famous Hot, Hot chicken sandwich which is composed of Cracked pepper chicken, melted cheddar cheese, chili, Dijon mustard, tomato all sandwiched between generous slabs of multigrain bread. They also have your basic sandwiches such as the tuna sandwich and the tuna cheddar melt through to the ever popular Panizza. They also have a range of burgers and the always appreciated steak sandwich.

They have 5 different soups on the menu and the most popular of these is the Pumpkin-Curry soup. Being Swiss owned they also have a wide variety of salads and of course a wide range of sausage dishes. These are mainly Swiss and German style sausage dishes and are truly delicious. The Swiss influence is also exemplified by their range of schnitzel dishes. My particular favorite is the Hunter-schnitzel which is pork schnitzel in mushroom sauce with French fries or a side order of your choice.

The Swiss influence comes to the fore again with the presence of fondue. Here at Sunset they have 3 different types of fondue and these are your basic cheese fondue Bourguinonne featuring cubes of imported prime beef, a selection of different sauces together with French Fries and /or potato chips and the Fondue Chinoise. There are also a number of other Swiss specialties on the menu including Kaseschnitte melted cheese on marinated bread and Zurcher Geschnetzeltes which is shredded pork tenderloin with a Swiss Rosti. Rosti is the Swiss equivalent to the hash brown.

There is a decent selection of steaks here including the beef tenderloin with pepper sauce and the Mexican steak beef tenderloin with spicy Mexican sauce through to the grilled pork steak with herb butter and the Pork Fillet Madagascar which is a succulent pork fillet served with green pepper sauce.

Every good restaurant needs a decent selection of wine for customers to enjoy and the Sunset Garden Restaurant certainly doesn’t fail in this regard. Here they have a number of Red and white wines from Australia and New Zealand all the way through to Chile and Argentina as well as some German and French vintages

This restaurant has been operating for many years and during that time it has developed a reputation for providing good quality food, with decent sized portions and a competitive pricing structure. It has a friendly relaxed ambience and of course the 10% Asian Escapades discount applies. If you are in the mood for a delicious filling meal then I unreservedly recommend the restaurant at the Sunset Garden Hotel.



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