Red Sea
The Red Sea Restaurant has been established in Manila and in Angeles a long time, I think since the mid nineties in Angeles and the eighties in Manila. Throughout that entire time it has consistently served good quality middle eastern food at realistic prices. I make no bones about it, this restaurant has long been a favorite of mine and I have never had a bad meal there. The Red Sea is located just across the Road from Blue Nile bar and is open from 12 noon until 3AM which makes it the perfect venue for a quick stop over should the hunger pangs kick in when out bar hopping. The Red Sea provides a relaxing escape from the bar scene and takeout is also available.



Address: 994 Fields ave,
Balibago, Angeles City
Phone #: +63 (45) 892-1689,
+63 (02) 525-5981


The Red Sea is composed of 3 separate areas. In the front is an undercover outside dinning area which is composed of a little porch area which holds two sturdy wooden tables each capable of seating up to six people comfortably. The owner, the manager and many regular guests can often be found dinning here enjoying the various dishes, some beverages or just swapping stories and tall tales. This is a nice area if you are into watching the street scenes when eating. Each table has an overhead fan and there is normally a cool breeze from Fields Avenue to keep things from over heating. It is especially interesting to sit here at nighttime and watch the girls doing their stuff.
The bar

Dinning area

Humos and pita bread

Chicken and briani rice

On the inside as you enter through the glass doors there are two booths each capable of comfortably holding four people. These are my favorite area to eat here because they are right beneath the air-conditioning unit. They are comfortable sofa type seating with hard sturdy tables and they afford an excellent view of the street yet you are far enough away from the street to dine in privacy should you so desire. Behind the booths at the back end of the restaurant is the serving area where the friendly staff prepare your drinks and serve your food from. Behind this is the small kitchen area but despite its diminutive size this kitchen provides large amounts of delicious food on a daily basis.

Off to the right hand side is the main dining area which has 6 separate tables and can hold about 20 people comfortably. This area is more secluded and is perfect for those seeking a more private dinning occasion. The tables are solid wood but can be moved to join each other which makes it a perfect area for larger groups of diners. Whilst on the subject of larger groups I have always wanted to organize a group of diners for here and have a private party just leaving it up to the cook to recommend the dishes. I asked the restaurants manager if it would be possible to organize such an event and he responded most certainly with a fixed price per head. The Red Sea is currently expanding and they are in the process of building a private dinning room upstairs. When this is complete AE will be the first to bring you pictures.

Talking of the cook this is a little old Filipino guy who is very familiar with middle eastern food in fact he has been here ever since I have been frequenting this restaurant and that means for nearly 12 years and as such knows the menu back to front. Every dish he prepares is simple yet tasty. This restaurant is simplicity personified and they do not waste time on fancy decorations or stylish presentation. What you see is what you get here. In many ways this is the antithesis to an establishment such as Yats yet like Yats it is definitely one of my favorites.

The prices in the Red Sea are very reasonable especially considering the quality of the food. For example a 3 course meal, which would be more than enough to satisfy the biggest hunger including drinks, will cost less than 800 peso. Most dishes are around the 180 to 250 peso mark and all are delicious. Three favorite dishes which spring to mind are the curry chicken with Briani rice the mixed Humos and Tabuli plate and the mixed meat plate. The curried chicken is unreservedly the best I have tasted in Angeles. It is cooked Indian curry style, the chicken is always surprisingly fresh and literally peals from the bone.

The curry sauce is thick and slightly spicy. This dish is best enjoyed with Briani rice cooked Arabic style. They also serve quite a tasty mutton curry.

Growing up in cosmopolitan Sydney I was exposed to the delights of Humos and Tabouli at a comparatively early age and I have been a fan ever since. Humos with its subtle garlic flavoring combined with the tangy olive oil, Tahini and the spicy paprika together with the dry ground chick peas for me has always made for the perfect dip Humos is ideally complimented by Pita bread and Tabouli. For those who are unaware of Tabouli is a light vegetarian dish composed of cracked wheat, garbanzo beans, minced parsley, mint, tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Another ingredient used in the mixed plate is named Moutabel which is basically a smoked eggplant dip also incorporating Tahini and lemon juice. Personally I find the Moutabel the weakest link in this dish but many aficionados of Middle Eastern food swear by it. These three separate dishes are presented on one plate and when enjoyed with Pita bread are mouthwatering delicious, low on calories and make the perfect light meal.

The Red Sea mixed meat plate is another favorite of mine. This plate combines beef kefta which are basically Arabic style sausages grilled lamb and grilled chicken. It can be accompanied by Briani rice or Pita bread and many order it with Humos and Tabouli. For the meat eaters this is a truly delicious dish and I highly recommend it even though I prefer pork sausages over beef.

Another personal favorite of mine is the Kebab which is basically grilled meat on a skewer. The kebabs can be either chicken lamb or beef and apart from the meat utilize onions, garlic, tomatoes, salt and pepper. The meat is marinated then grilled along with the tomatoes and onions and served on the skewer. For me I like to order Pita bread which is then basted with Humos and Tabuli and the meat is added into this making like a sandwich or a Shwarma. This is unlike the traditional Shwarma because it comprises chunks of meat rather than thinly cut slices and it has Humos and Tabouli on it as well.

For me the Red Sea is a unique little hideaway restaurant with realistic pricing an excellent location and delicious food which is always of consistent quality. They also serve a range of drinks both alcoholic and soft drinks. When it comes to the drinks I normally like to order the green tea or the jasmine tea or if I need a wake up call the Turkish coffee.



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