Cuba Cuba
Welcome to the wonderful world of the Cuba Cuba bar and restaurant. Formerly the International, this handily located establishment is literally 2 minutes stroll from the heart of Fields Avenue night life and yet despite its close proximity,it offers a rare moment of privacy and intimacy should one wish it.

Cuba Cuba is situated on A. Santos Street right next door to the Wild Orchid Hotel and across the road from the brand new Penthouse hotel and condominium. As the name would suggest this restaurant features a diverse range of mouthwatering dishes that utilize top quality ingredients, combined with irresistible Latino flair.




Address: Corner of A Santos Road & Vian Street, Angeles City, Philippines

Opening Hours: 24 hours
Delivery No: (045) 624 7074


The service is also excellent with friendly smiling waitresses all of whom are well versed in the menu and very pleasing on the eye.

In my opinion this is a welcome addition to the ever expanding and truly multicultural Angeles dining scene, and definitely a restaurant not to be missed.

Cuba Cuba is very close to the heart of the Fields Avenue action, yet it might as well be a million miles away, in terms of its ambiance and market appeal.
Cuba Nachos

Spicy Seafood in Penne Putanesca

Dinning area


Rather than a loud raucous bar this is a class establishment with a relaxed, friendly, yet professional ambiance that separates it from other restaurants in Angeles.

The emphasis here is on serving a diverse menu for a multicultural client base, and at the same time keep a friendly, welcoming, and professional atmosphere, which benefits all customers. Best of all the prices are realistically competitive. The Cuba Cuba has many advantages that set it apart from other restaurants.

Cuba Cuba composes a large area which gives patrons the best of both worlds. If you want to sit and eat quietly with that someone special you can do this in the dimly lit booths up the back. If you want to have a few drinks and swap a few yarns with friends you can do this in the bar area. Cuba Cuba caters for just about everyone.

The so called centerpiece of the Cuba Cuba is the wet bar. The wet bar is one of the biggest in Angeles and runs down the center of the building. Having been designed and built by the same people who did the Wild Orchid Cuba Cuba features extensive use of polished timber. From the wood stained floor boards through to the sturdy wooden bar chairs, the polished wood bar counter and the ceiling beams. The actual bar area is long and has sturdy swivel chairs down each side of the bar , these are perfect for the boys who are indulging in a quick libation prior to bar hopping or even for the guys who want to settle in for an extended drinking session. The atmosphere around the bar is very much like your local pub and they even have large screen monitors at the end of each of the wet bar that feature international sporting events beamed in via satellite.

The sporting events are also a great chance to meet and greet some of the locals who tend to descend upon the place because the local cable network is so incomplete and Cuba Cuba allows you to bet on live sporting events.

Cuba Cuba is many things to many different people but above all else it is a restaurant and as such it will live or die according to the food it serves. Cuba Cuba has recently revamped their menu and I have heard some seriously impressive accounts regarding the food served here. The grill features some truly tasty and very large steaks.

One thing that has always impressed me about Cuba Cuba is its friendly and yet professional staff. These men and women are knowledgeable about the menu and also the beverages and are always available to offer help and friendly suggestions. As an added advantage I have to tell you that in my opinion one of the real attractions of this place is the waitresses and GRO's. Simply put they are hot and it sometimes gets hard to concentrate when their little backsides go wiggling past.

The seating in Cuba Cuba is also impressive. In the back and middle sections they have booths which provide the perfect place to enjoy a dine in meal and a cool refreshing beverage. These booths fit 4 adults comfortably but six can be gotten in with a bit of pushing and shoving. They also have two larger booths which can fit up to twelve adults comfortably. These make the perfect place to enjoy a nice meal and drinks while watching a sporting event.

At the bar there are comfortable wooden chairs which provide the best place to enjoy a cool drink while watching a sporting event, barracking for your team, or just enjoying the company of good friends and lively chit chat. In Cuban style the bar boasts one of the largest selections of rums in Angeles City, if you can't find it at Cuba Cuba, then you are not likely to find it anywhere in Angeles.

With the conversion of the International into Cuba Cuba a number of major alterations where made to the layout and menu. The menu has been completely restructured in terms of meals and pricing, including the new outdoor BBQ, where you can get a made to order steak at some of the best prices in town. Then, as is the case with all truly great BBQ's, patrons can watch their steak being grilled to perfection. As mentioned previously the restaurants layout has undergone significant alteration and yet it still keeps with the sporting theme wherever possible. The restaurant now includes two top quality pool tables which are free to use with any purchase from Cuba Cuba. They also have a live band, and the outside area in front of the bar which was formerly used as a parking space, has now been converted into a bar area. This is where patrons can sit, enjoy a drink or a meal, and just watch the tapestry of AC life as it unfolds before your eyes.

Cuba Cuba is open 24/7 and is truly a great place to eat. In some ways it reminds me of Margarita Station or Kokomos but on steroids. No expense has been spared in making this place immaculate and it is a comfortable classy establishment with a wide range of services and realistic prices. In some ways it is a lively sports venue with food and drinks and in other ways it is a quiet relaxing restaurant providing the perfect getaway from hectic nightlife of Fields Avenue.

Best of all Cuba Cuba is Asian Escapades friendly and offers a 10% off food and drinks discount to all members who present their Asian Escapades membership card.



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