Charlies On The Bend
Living in Angeles I am always on the lookout for a good restaurant that serves nourishing, tasty food and if that restaurant is new then so much the better. Over the last 3 months I have been hearing good things about Charlies which is a new restaurant/pub situated where the Screaming Eagles was, so a group of us decided to pay a visit and let me tell you it certainly lived up to it's rapidly growing reputation.

This place I can only describe as a pleasant surprise. The food is good with large servings, fresh ingredients, well cooked, nicely presented and perhaps most importantly, the right price. I was rather impressed with this place and after dining there I found both my stomach and



Address : 53 Don Meliton Avenue,
Friendship, Angeles City 2009
Phone: (63) 919 696 3049
Opening Hours: 7:00 am -11:00 pm


wallet feeling surprisingly full. In Angeles there will always be a market for a good hearty meal at a realistic price and Charlies certainly fits into this category.

After the meal, as we were leaving, I found myself thinking, I could easily become a regular here, but knowing there is always different opinions I asked my companions and surprisingly they all agreed with me. Everyone of us enjoyed our meal and the time we spent there.

Charlies is situated at the end of Perimeter Road just before Friendship Highway which for your average tourist may be a bit of a hike but in my opinion it is certainly a hike worth taking. I have no
Spicy chicken with mashed potato

American breakfast

Pan fried fish

Seafood Chowder

hesitation in recommending Charlies and in my opinion it is certainly worth a visit albeit a little out of the way.

At first I was a bit skeptical thinking this is just Screaming Eagles redone but honestly this is a lot more than that. Quite a reasonable infusion of cash has gone in here and they have literally made this a new venue in itself. They still have the same marketing approach of a restaurant/pub and they still have their famous Chili Con Carne but that is where the similarities end. There is a new theme, a new menu, new staff, the interior has been refurbished and the upstairs is now a fully fledged air-conditioned venue in itself.

Every good restaurant/pub has to have a theme simply because this helps people remember it and 'brands' the establishments name on the minds of customers. In this case the establishment is loosely based around the name of Charlie Chaplin the famous silent movie comedian. Whilst this is something different I don't really see the connection and there is no silent movie memorabilia, so the image is not really substantiated. When it was Screaming Eagle it was a popular destination for bikers but now it has gone for want of a better word, upmarket, and is trying to appeal to not only the bikers but a complete range of diners. Having said that the bikers are still more than welcome and several of them still frequent the place especially when the popular live band is on.

Location is an important factor influencing the success of any restaurant but the main factor has and always will be the food and when it comes to the food Charlies in my opinion is a real winner. They have kept the menu simple concentrating on supplying only a small number of dishes but from my experience everyone of these is a large serving reasonably priced and delicious.

Charlies like its predecessor Screaming Eagles is one of those places where you can get a great breakfast at a realistic price. They have the English and American Breakfast and of these I prefer the English which features 2 rashers of bacon, 1 hearty pork sausage, 2 eggs cooked any style, 2 slices of toast and 1 cup of tea or coffee. Best of all both these substantial breakfasts are only Piso 250.

They also have 3 delicious soups, roast pumpkin, french onion and sea food chowder. When I was there I tried the seafood chowder and it was quite impressive. The restaurant also features a range of salads ranging from your basic garden fresh vegetable salad through to a chicken salad and a Thai beef Salad.

So far so good but this is where the menu takes a deviation from before because it has been expanded and some very interesting items added. For example

they have 3 entrees which are crumbed fish gou jons pork satay and garlic prawns. The entrees are certainly enough to take the edge of ones hunger but for those who have worked up a real hunger their main meals include 3 different versions of fish and chips, a burger, and a range of hearty meat dishes including chicken, pork and even some impressively priced steaks.

For those who are not so hungry they also have basic bar snacks which include nachos, chicken wings, calamaris, lumpia and quesadilla.

The downstairs has been refurbished with a series of booths against the right wall which easily seat 5 to 6 adults. Also downstairs they have incorporated a sort of Philippine Jeepney facade which houses the food serving area. The Jeepney facade is complimented by abstract paintings of Jeepneys hanging on the walls above the booths. For me the overall effect is something like a fifties diner but with a distinctly Philippines flavor.

Upstairs has now been completely renovated and it includes a large 3 ton air-conditioner, a large wet bar and serving area which provides the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer while swapping a few tales or enjoying the live band that plays there regularly. There are 4 separate dining tables, a pool table, a live band area and upstairs male and female toilet areas. This area is now enclosed by glass windows so the air-conditioner can keep things nice and cool. Around the outside they still have a balcony which offers enticing views of Clark Airbase especially when the hot air balloon festival is on. This is the so called pub area of the building and it exudes a laid back yet classy atmosphere and for me is the perfect place to hang out and simply enjoy living in AC.

In my opinion Charlies is a good place to eat or even just hang out with a few friends. It is certainly a place which successfully combines the atmosphere of a restaurant and a pub and being situated at the Friendship end of town it offers something different from the hectic nightlife of Fields or even the girlie bars of Perimeter Road. Check out Charlies guys, you won't regret it.



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