Century Buffet
We can all agree the saying "Angeles' (or anywhere's) Best Kept Secret" is a somewhat hackneyed phrase. We also think we may have found a restaurant that comes close to being such a secret. We recommend you have a look for yourself, and see if you approve.

Nestled directly in back of The Pagcor Casino on MacArthur Boulevard (approximately five blocks distance towards downtown Angeles from Fields) is The Century Resort Hotel. Once you're inside, just to the left of their front lobby is their restaurant. They feature a nightly buffet in a very clean, mellow setting.



Located directly in back of The Pagcor Casino on MacArthur Boulevard inside The Century Resort Hotel Angeles City

Website: www.agoda.com/century-hotel


The price for this buffet is 399 pesos from Sunday-through-Thursday, and 599 pesos on special nights: Friday (Seafood Night) and Saturday (Barbeque Night). Their hours are 6PM to 10PM. They have a theme for their nightly offerings, and the food varies from the simple to the exotic on any given night. Their theme on Sunday is "Western" (the one we enjoyed), Monday is "International", Tuesday is "Mediterranean", Wednesday is "Asian", and Thursday is a different "International" selection.

Each night, with their various themes, they serve up a soup-of-the-day, pasta, a large salad bar selection, with various rolls and bread.

Pasta and saland

Dinning area

A little bit of everything

They also feature, nightly, made-to-order fruit crepes, and a dessert table featuring a variety of pastries, with a soft-serve ice cream machine serving up two flavors. They have one of those "Chocolate Waterfall Fountains" for dipping cookies, fruit, marshmallows, and the like, for those who love chocolate all over everything.

The salad bar is fresh and inviting. One of our group ate so much salad he hardly had room left for the rest of his meal! I suppose he'll know better next time. Maybe.

They highlight a single-item carvery, which features, from night-to-night, pork roast, BBQ beef, lamb, baked salmon, etc., depending on which night you choose to go.

Two in our group have been there four times, and have found the seven hot-plate entrees listed may vary slightly week-to-week from their printed menu, but have found all of the food to be high-quality and, more importantly, delicious! None of us have ventured beyond the Sunday-and-Monday themes yet, but that Seafood and/or Barbeque Night is looking pretty inviting!

As you can see by clicking on the menu above, there is a fairly large variety of entrees on their theme nights, all served out of seven large covered hot-serve containers. Sunday and Monday caters to Western tastes with meat-and-potatoes-type chow, for the most part, while some of the other nights feature items many of us have probably never heard of. Whomever is running that kitchen has been around - truly an International Chef!

Our group dropped in Sunday night. The meat loaf (each slice wrapped in bacon) was a hit. The chicken was dressed in a glaze sauce that was quite tasty. There was pork, glazed carrots, and pasta with choice of sauces. Even though the menu lists it, there was no mashed potato that particular night (when we were there two Sundays ago, there WAS mashed potato), but they served up halved baby potatoes which was more than satisfactory. They had baked macaroni & cheese, very well-made and cheesy. There was a really delicious fish filet dish in heavy cream sauce with cheese that this writer found particularly wonderful! The dessert arena was also a hit, especially with Shagger and Phoenix - three trips each!

In our various visits, we've seen the dessert table offer a wide range of pastries, such as cheesecake, flan, gooey chocolate brownies, pie, and various frosted cakes. They were serving a blueberry frosted white cake on this particular evening.

We wouldn't know what to tell you about the Century Resort Hotel, itself (it looks like a pretty classy place, on the surface), but we can tell you this is a restaurant we believe you'll walk away from quite full and happy. We think you'd be satisfied with the quality of food, service, and ambiance. We all know we'll be back. That's for certain!



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