Black Angus
The Black Angus restaurant is the latest restaurant to occupy the Royal Amsterdam Hotel. This a bright airy restaurant with sturdy wooden tables, private booths for those seeking a more intimate dinning experience and a big table capable of seating up to 12 people which is designed for larger dinning groups. The restaurant is very well lit and the air-conditioning is second to none. In the middle of the restaurant is a salad bar which in my opinion is the best in Angeles and the restaurant has extended opening hours and is reputedly open 24 hours a day. The extended operating hours mean they serve a full range of meals from delicious energizing breakfasts to wholesome lunches and lavish dinners.



684 Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Balibago
Telephone #: (0063) 45-892-3392 to 93
(0063) 45-625-6212 to 13
Fax #: (0063) 45-892-3391


For any restaurant the priority is the food and in the Black Angus the cuisine is diverse and of high quality. Here they serve a mixture of Western and Asian food but their main specialty as suggested by the name is the steaks. I have heard a variety of opinions in regards to the steaks ranging from poor quality through to average and outstanding. Personally I have eaten steak here three times and each time it has been delicious and cooked to perfection. This restaurant has a wide range of steaks from Sirloin, Rib Eye, and Tender Loin through to T/Bone, Porterhouse, Teriyaki Steak and Rump steaks. All the steaks are cooked on the grill and they are all US Black Angus meat.
T-Bone Steak

Chicken & Ribs Combo

Cottage Pie

Dinning Area

The perfect accompaniment to a steak is fresh garden salad and in this respect the Black Angus really comes into its own . The salad bar is in the center of the restaurant and features potato salad, fresh lettuce with a variety of dressings, cucumber, tomato’s, shredded carrot, capsicum, onions and of course some cheese. Along with the salad bar there is a tray of hot buttered vegetables which this day featured Brussel sprouts and carrots

Another specialty of this restaurant is the baby back ribs. These are grilled and basted with a tangy barbeque sauce. Until coming to Angeles I was never a really big fan of ribs but after having been introduced to them here in AC they are now one of my favorite dishes. The ribs in the Black Angus are excellent. The meat is soft and tender and falls from the bone with just a gentle cut. The tangy barbeque sauce they use here is just right and it enhances the flavor of the meat rather than overwhelming it.

As said before this restaurant tries to supply both Asian food and classic Western style food with a direct emphasis on steak. However they also realize that whilst many people appreciate a good steak this meat is not for everyone and as such their menu goes way beyond just steak. When we asked management what were the most popular dishes we were told the steaks but other dishes also frequently ordered included the Philly Chicken Cheese Steak, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, the Shrimp Bisque, Buffalo Wings, the Spicy Shrimp Kabob, Steak & Crab, and of course the deliciously wholesome Black Angus Beef Pie.

The restaurant is an interesting design and it is very obvious a lot of thought has gone on behind the scenes before opening. The restaurant is quite large and I would estimate it could seat up to 60 people at any one time. They have subdued pin lighting overhead which is soft enough to give a sense of privacy and yet strong enough to give a bright airy feel to the place. Throughout the restaurant there is an emphasis on stained wood which gives the place a sort of modern yet wholesome ambience. The seating here is functional yet comfortable. There are a series of booths for those who wish a more discreet or intimate dinning experience and there are the main tables which are perfect for larger groups of diners.

The restaurant features a well stocked wet bar area and although we didn’t sample any I hear that they have a reasonable selection of wines here.

The booths feature comfortable lounge type seating with big long chairs where two or more people can sit. The booths are mostly tucked away along the edges of the restaurant and are ideal for people seeking a little privacy while they dine. In the center are several wooden tables with matching wooden chairs. While here I noticed the tables were actually well made and didn’t rock. The sturdy wooden seats are high backed and have obviously been built with customer comfort and functionality in mind.

The Black Angus restaurant is interesting in that it is multi functional and appeals to an expansive market base. For example, I can easily see how in the morning this place would almost be like an American dinner serving light breakfasts and brewed coffee. In the afternoon it takes on the appearance of a classy lunch time cafe and at night it is a fully functional restaurant with an emphasis on providing top quality meat dishes. The restaurant is designed to appeal to an expansive customer base and it seems to be one of those unique restaurants where people with totally different tastes can sit side by side and both enjoy the place for completely different reasons.

Last but certainly by no means least I was very impressed with the air-conditioning system. The last time we had lunch there it was an extremely hot day and as we walked into the restaurant we were greeted with a blanket of delightfully chilled air. Of course after 20 minutes of sitting inside the Filipinas were complaining it is to cold but for us westerners it was absolutely delightful.

If you are in the mood for a wholesome filling meal, or just a light snack then the Black Angus Restaurant is a very handy venue. Here you can enjoy a good meal at a very decent price and this is also the perfect venue for business meetings and even for romantic rendezvous.

This is a modern restaurant with a wide diversity of excellently prepared food conveniently located in the heart of Fields. Best of all it is very reasonably priced especially when you take into account the Asian Escapades discount which is adhered to here.



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