ABC Beach Cafe Special
"Vari Asia" is nestled in the area of ABC Hotel's large pool (not to be confused with the small front pool to the right - go through the glass portal on the left side of the lobby) is a restaurant/bar in a very attractive poolside setting.

This is an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, featured here from 5-to-10 in the evening; this kind of dining is pretty exclusive in comparison to what we've seen in Angeles before.

For 500 pisos per person, "Vari Asia" is serving a special selection of nine Asian entrees and four dessert items, drinks not included in the price.



Address: ABC Hotel, Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City

Phone: (045) 892-2222 / (045) 625-6256 /
(045) 892-5375

Special Dinner: 5pm until 10pm daily

Website: ABC


Pictured to the right is the inside pool-bar area. Swimmers can sit at this bar and drink or have their meal with their feet in the water. Our group wasn't there to swim, so we situated ourselves in the table area along the back, right above this spot.

The selections they are serving are quite flavorful and meticulously prepared; though a few may appear small-per-portion, you can have whatever you enjoy as many times as you choose.

As the menu says, "A La Mesa"!

(Basically, this means: "At the table! Dinner's ready!")
Sushi preparation

Pork/Chicken Mongolian BBQ

Several Entrees Served Together

Three Dessert Items

The first photo shows the "Fresh Tuna Sashimi" with "Assorted Maki Roll". I, personally, had never eaten this type of food much, but it struck a positive note with me - I ordered it twice, as did Shagger!

The second photo is displaying the "Pork, Chicken, and Vegetable Mongolian BBQ". The portion is not particularly large but, as stated above, you merely need to ask for more, and it will be brought to you.

Photo three combines several of the entrees in one serving: "Prawns and Vegetable Tempura With Radish Ginger Dip", "Beef Roulade With Duxell of Mushroom and Spinach In Pepper Cognac Sauce", "Roasted Pork in Peanut Hoisin With Sprinkle of Nuts" and "Pan-Seared Cream John Dory Fillet in Spicy Thai Sauce". I love Dory fish, and the sauce was so delicious that this was the highlight of the meal for me!

The last photo to the left has the smaller of the dessert choices: "Choco-Banana Cream Bar", "Ube Cheesecake" and "Chocolate Orange Slice". These are small but, if you're not full by the time you get to these, I'd be surprised. No matter. Order them until you've had enough. Tell them I said it's okay.

Not pictured with the three small desserts is the "Flambee Station" dessert (pictured in the thumbnails below). This is made with ice cream and a choice of mango or banana. Unlike the little "slices", this is served in a goblet, and is a full dessert item on its own.

Also not pictured in these four photos (but included in the thumbnails below) is one of the tastier (and larger) menu items, the "Sauteed Chicken Rolled in Homemade Whole Wheat Wrapper with Yogurt Cucumber Salsa". This appeared to be the most popular item at our table, by consensus. Pok Pok Boy commented that it was sort of like a chicken burrito. It tasted great!

We were two Americans and two Australians, so none of us had any of the rice ("Yang Chow Fried Rice", or plain steamed). We should have ordered some just to get a picture of it, but we were so stuffed we didn't think of it.
No rice eaters amongst us. I don't know where we would have put it, anyway!

I've never been much for Asian-style cuisine, myself, but I felt this was worth a try, and I'm very glad I went. I was quite satisfied with the meal and the ambiance is as good as it gets around here.

If you want a classy place to bring your date, this should impress. She can order the rice. Let us know how it was!

Angeles City has never been known for fine food but times are, indeed, changing! With this great offer at ABC Hotel one can now eat the finest and freshest food at a decent price right on Fields Avenue. It was a memorable experience for us, partly because of the beautiful setting, but particularly for the quality of the food, and masterful recipes. The different accompanying sauces really stood out for me, personally. Somebody back there in that kitchen certainly knows what they're doing!

The first thing we noticed is that, unlike any other "all-you-can-eat" presentations we've experienced, the food is not displayed for patrons to see before they choose. I believe that's what makes a restaurant a "buffet", so I suppose this doesn't actually fall under that heading.

We ordered our drinks and perused the menu. If you look at the thumbnail photo of the menu, above, you'll see our first dilemma: The names of the entrees are listed by number, but we had no idea what they looked like or, when entrees came, we got confused as to what names went with what items.

We all agreed the first order of the day is for this restaurant to create a picture menu!

All in all, our party of four was happy, impressed, and FULL! We certainly recommend giving ABC's "Vari Asia" restaurant a try.

Best of all ABC restaurant is Asian Escapades friendly and offers a 10% off food and drinks for cash payments discount to all members who present their Asian Escapades membership card however they are unable to give it on this cut price special.



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