Wild Orchid

Address: Cnr. A. Santos Street and Johnny’s Street, Angeles City
Tel: (045) 892-0134 or (045) 625-6335
Website: http://www.wildorchidresort.com
Email: info@wildorchidresort.com
Review Written On : 08/04/08

One of the many attractions of the Wild Orchid Hotel is its open air restaurant / bar named Tradewinds.

This is a handy centralized meeting spot which is very popular with hotel guests and expats alike. At any time of the day you will always find hotel guests and groups of AC locals congregated around here enjoying a cool drink or tucking into a hearty meal after a hard nights bar hopping activities.

The Wild Orchid management has very liberal policies and bar girls are permitted to use the facilities as well as non hotel guests. This means there is always a large variety of people from different walks of life enjoying the ambience and high quality service of Tradewinds.

Because of these policies this restaurant is somewhat unique and offers its customers many advantages. For example you can sit down for a serious meal at one of many the dining tables. They have six different tables seating groups from as little as two up to groups of 12 or more.

Or enjoy the more social aspect of the restaurant by sitting around the bar

Or have your food and drinks delivered to the poolside bar area where they have seats sunken into the miniature pools which means one can eat without ever leaving the pool.

This really is an entertaining little restaurant with the added attraction of giving its patrons the advantage of being able to watch beautiful Filipinas frolicking in the swimming pool whilst they enjoy quality food and refreshing beverages.

The restaurant has a good selection of wines from a variety of countries with the majority being from Australia.

The bar area serves as the social meeting place and features a number of different beers both local and imported. Whilst doing this report we ran into one of the owners of the Wild Orchid and he informed us that the imported beers were growing in popularity at a rapid pace. Admittedly I did enjoy a nice cold VB whilst taking photos for this report.

The bar staff are well trained in the art of serving customers and part of this training includes speaking English and mixing cocktails.

The bar area also features a large range of local and imported spirits

Even though you are in the Philippines life in the outside world goes on and you can keep up with world events by watching the large screen TV’s or availing yourself of one of the many newspapers from a variety of different countries which are delivered for customers benefit on a daily basis. The TV’s also feature international sporting events via a satellite feed.

The restaurant as the name would suggest has a nautical theme and there are various models of famous ships scattered throughout the bar area.

Further entertainment is provided by the pool table situated at the end of the bar

The essential facet of any restaurant is its food and the Tradewinds boasts an extensive quality menu with a wide range of international and local cuisine.

After a heavy nights bar hopping there is nothing better than a hearty breakfast the following day and the Tradewinds restaurant offers some of the best breakfasts in town.

Some of the most popular dishes are the sandwiches and burgers. For these they use top quality meat and fresh vegetables. They are truly delicious and filling.

My personal favorite is the Hawaiian burger which features a large ground beef patty, pineapple, beetroot, large strips of delicious bacon, fried egg, lettuce and a slab of cheese.

Another favorite amongst the customers is the famous Wild Orchid steak. These are mostly imported from Australia and are truly a filling meal in themselves.

Shagger tucked into the T-Bone steak and baked potato.

While the girls were excited by the local dishes such as beef caldereta

And Bistik Tagalog for nose nose Ronalie

There are also a number of other dishes available which are featured on the plastic covered bar stands which are conveniently placed around the bar.

And the B.B.Q Menu.

Being an open air establishment this restaurant does not have air-conditioning however there are a number of ceiling fans and large industrial type fans which maintain a pleasant temperature.

In the bar area there are two brewed coffee machines and a juice dispensers for a refreshing non alcoholic beverage

The busy kitchen is only small but the amount it produces and the consistent quality of the food is truly admirable

The aged steaks are kept in a special fridge in the kitchen

and when I threatened to expose their special aging recipe this is the reaction I got.

The kitchen incorporates two separate grillers

A large preparation table

4 large fridges

The friendly and talented kitchen staff

This is a very popular restaurant and social gathering place. If you are in AC staying at the Wild Orchid or not we thoroughly recommend you pay it a visit and enjoy a tasty meal or at the very least a refreshing beverage whilst you enjoy the scenery and relax in one of the best environments Angeles has to offer.

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