Address: Perimter Road, between C'Italian and Thi-hi
Review Written On : 29/08/08

The expat life has some definite advantages and also some definite disadvantages and although I love experiencing a different culture with its idiosyncrasies there are certainly times when I miss aspects of the culture I grew up in. So when I get a craving for a taste of home I head straight for Brettos.

Brettos has been around for many years and has in many ways become an institution for local expats. Brettos serves as both a deli and imported food store and a restaurant/cafe. Reportedly the food here has always been top quality and when I tried it I was certainly impressed. The restaurant is a comparatively new addition to Brettos but already it is proving a popular eating and meeting place.

So to give you guys an idea of what is on offer at Bretto’s Shagger and I made our way over for a bit of research and a good meat pie.

Bretto’s is split into two sections connected by an archway near the entrance. The first section is the store which has a wide selection of imported goods from around the world but with a definite emphasis on Australian goods.

Additionally there is a deli in the store with a varied range of meats.

After picking up a few things we went into the restaurant for one of Bretto’s great pie floaters. Additionally there is also many of the other types of foods available such as burgers (composed of Australian beef patty and reportedly the biggest in Angeles), sandwiches, all the usual breakfast foods, subs, and far more.

As much as I am thoroughly enjoying living in the Philippines it was certainly a nice to have a taste of home and after we got home I unpacked my comfort food so when the cravings get to much I will have a little slice of home.



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